NRP2013/P is a high-end enterprise desktop phone with 6 SIP accounts, 3-line buttons and 2.4” color screen. It supports IPv6 and IPv4, with full "user, network, deployment, security" features and good IP-PBX and network compatibility. It’s suitable for enterprise unified communications and operator cloud voice.
                    -  Personalized multi-scene mode. Users can set the button mode according to the usage requirements and habits, which sets a new efficiency benchmark for the entry-level phone.
                    -  More convenient operation by adding the help information.
                    -  Higher level voice quality by using sealed electroacoustic cavity and high-level electroacoustic devices.
                    -  Excellent hands-free voice quality with larger HD speaker.
                    -  Anti-electromagnetic feature on handset and speaker, free from interference of devices such as mobile phones.
                    -  OPUS codec supported.
                    - Open VPN, LLDP and 802.1X supported.
                    - Power protection measures to avoid machine damage caused by wrong plugging.
                    - Plug and play (working with New Rock IP-PBX)
                    - Unified management by New Rock UMS management system.
                    - Perfectly compatible with leading IP-PBX platforms and third-party interface management supported.

                    For more information, contact us at or leave an online message.

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                    • New Rock has certified with the HUAWEI IMS-Terminal interoperability in 2017, are able to perfectly compatible with HUAWEI products. Thus New Rock Solution can fully replace the function of Huawei system, realize the unified management of the equipment in the phone system.
                    • New Rock NRP series IP Phones are high-end enterprise desktop phones with multi-functions. They support IPv6 and IPv4, with full "user, network, deployment, security" features, can integrate with IP PBX well, which is suitable for hotel unified communications.
                    • Wyndham is world class hotel group, one of its hotel has 200 rooms in one building in Shanghai, hotel management team want to build a unified hotel room internet to improve customer experience and improve brand image.
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